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Leverage our Accounting, Financial, and Economic Expertise

Winston & Company’s experienced accountants are able to assist in many financial situations requiring specialized knowledge and expertise. Specialty services that we offer include corporate valuations, forensic accounting for divorce settlements and shareholder disputes, and tax planning for corporate restructuring.

  • Valuation

    Valuations are performed for the purpose of estimating the economic value of a business. Our firm performs accounting valuations for businesses that are for sale or that may be in need of corporate restructuring. We have extensive experience in preparing comprehensive business valuations that will be impartial, accurate, and relevant.

  • Forensic Accounting

    Our accountants possess the specialized skills and knowledge required to explore suspicious activity for clients that may be experiencing fraud. We can provide clarity and strategic guidance to assist clients in solving critical issues, including divorce settlements and shareholder disputes. We deliver prompt, objective, and concise reporting to provide clear answers.

  • Tax Planning

    Significant turning points for a business, such as succession planning or equity disbursements, will likely require corporate reorganization. It is key to anticipate any tax consequences that may arise from the restructuring, and our experts will support your organization in the development and execution of a reorganization plan to assist in a smooth financial transition.