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Much More Than Income Tax Returns

At Winston & Company, our personal accounting services are not limited to income tax returns; we can take your financial health a step further. Through careful planning and consultation, our expert staff can assist you in achieving your individual needs, both in terms of tax planning and financial management.

  • Personal Tax

    It’s the most dreaded time of the year: tax season. Well, it doesn’t need to be. Winston & Company has extensive experience in personal tax return services, and can prepare personal tax returns for an individual or for the entire family. We provide personal tax services to all of our corporate clients as well, which ensures the execution of an appropriately integrated corporate and personal tax plan.

  • CRA Consulting

    Interacting with the CRA can be a stressful experience for people not familiar with tax law and with the CRA’s tactics. Winston & Company can assist you with the handling of any Canada Revenue Agency conflicts related to personal tax, to leverage our expertise, but also to keep it off your plate. We will work effectively and efficiently with you and the CRA to achieve a resolution that prioritizes your best interests.

  • Tax Planning

    Oftentimes, boosting one’s tax efficiency takes time. If you, like so many people, wait until April to think about your taxes, you are likely missing out on the chance to maximize your tax benefits. With a carefully thought out tax-planning strategy, we can ensure you are keeping the maximum amount of income per year, positioning you and your family for a future of financial prosperity.